Well yes! Food is essentially very important especially on our travels as sometimes we don't know what to expect, unless we are prepared. Once you've determined where to go, then we need to know and pick where to eat and dine. We choose what we want to eat for reasons of own personal diet, belief, health, budget and maybe due to some other reasons. To assist you, we provide information with books featuring restaurants from all parts of the world - North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the rest as well. You will be able to get to know the restaurants favored by a lot of travelers and holiday-makers who had been there, tasted them and savor the food and delicacies. You might also want to try local delicacies and go to places which appeals to the public and tourist alike. You certainly want to know where to go. Or you probably want to have something that suits your palate too.
Similarly to preparing your clothes and other items, it pays to check the place to dine or have food so you can make the proper preparations and plan your itinerary. For someone from Asia whose staple food is rice and travelling to say, Europe, it may be quite a challenge if you're to stay there for quite a while. But knowing where to look for "familiar" food prior to being at the destination, gives some feeling of relief, and to some, even overcoming their anxiety. It may be the same for a lot of people too, for that matter. The cuisines and the way food are prepared and taste, are already different just within the country, let alone is the case abroad!.

Where and what to eat or dine...

Virtually every society, every culture have their own ways of cooking and having their food. To say one is better than the other may not lend justice as it all boils down to our individual taste. For instance, Fried Rice comes in abundance of varieties, just within South-East Asia! As such, we will try to feature the many different cuisines available in the different destinations, and will update them from time to time. There is no such possibility to include all, in this site! I believe, for all things, it all starts and depends on what resources are available for that particular area. Up in the mountains, down in the valleys, middle of the desert, at the ice and snow covered lands, the rivers, seas and oceans. Food are cooked differently, based on the creativity, availability, and the resources to complement it. We know some travelers are also foodies, or more inclined to trying food rather than go sightseeing or shopping. Interestingly, some of the most interesting places in the world are also regarded/rated as the foodiest cities. Check out the books on restaurants that we have lined up for you to consider during your trip.

Travel books featuring restaurants in North America...

Yes, lets go out and eat!!! But where do we start? Of course North and Central America combined is really a vast area. If you so happen to travel to the places described below, then I suggest you look out for the good food that is associated to it as it is touted as the best by a travel magazine. The beach towns in the states of Yucatan and Campecehe, Mexico is famous for it's seafood with specialties that includes fish and shellfish stews, cream soups, shrimp cocktail, squid and octopus, and panuchos.

Books featuring Restaurants in North America

Books featuring Restaurants in South America...

Chunky meat and steaks is the name of the game (food) in Argentina."Samba" stalls and dining houses in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil... And yet, don't be surprised to find Thai food at the high altitude city of Lima! I just wonder how and what brought the Thais and Japanese across the world. The Germans too, brought their cuisine and traditions to South America. Where ever your destination may be in South America, you will very likely find a place to enjoy your food and probably cravings.

Books related to Restaurants in Europe

Bon Apetit - enjoy your meal... that's how they will gesture to you in France before having your food. That greeting has spread out to other parts of the world too. And of course, we do want to have a good meal each time, anywhere for that matter. Europe has an abundance of dining excellence. Of course, there are also the more affordable and probably equally as good in taste as well, for the mass public and tourist alike.

Books featuring Restaurants in Europe

Books on Restaurants in Asia and the good food they serve...

I'm sure a seasoned traveler who had been to many parts of the globe will notice that food are spicier as you travel towards Asia. Needless to say, countries in the East were once colonized by the Western countries, for resources including spices of Asia to take back home. Food connoisseurs travel the world in search of good food to taste and promote.Asia has its fair share of excellent and good food too and is also famous for it's street food stalls. Look through and study what you find interesting, before you venture out on your journey and taste the great wonders of Asian cuisine.

Books of Restaurants in Africa...

Africa is also huge. Ethnic, culture and tradition is very diverse too. Hence, in some of the more modern and major cities, food is offered and also presented in many ways. Up in the northern part of Africa, you will find a strong Arab influence. In some other countries of Africa, the colonialist have some remnants of their cultural influence post-independence. South Africa for instance. Where you are heading to, we may have something for you to look through.

Books of Restaurants in Australia and Oceania ...

I believe Australia and Oceania food especially Australia-New Zealand have more of the "western" mix to it as they are very much connected to the west particularly Britain. However, with the acceptance of immigrants from all over the world, plus the local blend; their food scenario also has a fusion of multi-cultural background. The other Oceanic islands like Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, and Fiji for instance would feature more of their own cultural and environmental heritage, probably to the delight of travelers and tourist who prefer to have more taste of the local cuisine.

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